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Alberta, Riding along the top of Carthew Ridge, looking into Glacier National Park. Mount Custer 2.00
Algeria, 35. Alger., Boulevard Amirl, Pierre (Porte Mauresque) 3.00
Australia, Swanston Street, Melbourne, looking North 4.00
Australia, wheat Stacks, Wallaroo, South Australia 5.00
Australia,Government House, Adelaide, S. Aust. 4.00
Bahamas, Sentry on Guard at Government House, Nassau, Bahamas 2.50
Banff, Athabaska River along the Banff-Jasper Highway B.J.H. 4. 2.00
Belgium, 397 Bruxelles.--Palais du Comte de Flandre. -- Court of Flander's Palace 2.00
Belgium, Anvers Cour du Plantin, Yard of the Plantin Museum 3.00
British Columbia, City Hall, Vancouver, B.C. Canada 2.00
Canada, Birks Building, St. Catherine Street, Montreal 4.00
Canada, Clifton Hotel, Nagara Falls, Canada 3.00
Canada, International Bridge, showing both Falls, Nagara 4.00
Cape Breton, The Big Wash, Cabot Trail, New National Park, Cape Breton,--11 2.00
China, Canton City and Custom House at the Central Harbour. 4.00
Costa Rica, Peasants' House in Costa Rica 3.00
Cuba, Habana: Carreta de Cana, Cargando. Loading Sugar Cane Just Cut 5.00
Egypt, Mariage arabe 3.00
England, Flip Flop. Imperial International Exhibition, London 3.00
England, The Crown Jewels, The Tower, London 3.00
France, Reims,--La Cathedrule Apres la querre. The Cathedral after the war. 3.00
France, Versailles,--Le Chateau,--Cour de Marbre-The Castle--The Marble Yard-- 3.00
Germany, Bremen, Parkhaus 4.00
Gibraltar, Church Street 3.00
Greece, Athenes:Temple de Thesee 2.00
Guatemala, Banco En La Plaza De Espana 2.00
Holland, Windmill (?) 3.00
Hong Kong, via Northwest Airlines "Orient Express" 2.00
Italy, Firenze, Angolo del Ponte Vecchio 3.00
Italy, Milano Areo della Pace 3.00
Italy, Roma - Campidoglio 2.00
Jurusalem. Mosquee d'Omar. Pulpit of Omar 3.00
Montreal, St. Joseph Oratory 2.00
New Brunswick, Woodstock from Gafton side if St. John River, Woodstock--3 3.00
Nova Scotia, Golf and Country Club, Yarmouth--23 3.00
Nova Scotia, Scenes around Halifax--57 3.00
Ontario, Court House, Sault Ste. Marie,--5 2.00
Ontario, Port Stanley--35 2.00
Ottawa, Interprovincial Bridge and Hull, Quebec from back of Parliment Building--78 2.00
Quebec, Parc Victoria,--Park, Granby, Quebec,--20 2.00
Saskatchewan, Parliament Building, Regina,--32 3.00
Toronto, C.P.R. Royal York Hotel. 2.00
Traitor's Gate, The Tower 3.00
UK, Old Castle and Black Gate. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 4.00
Windsor, Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary, Kingsville, near Windsor--36 1.50