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(22) 18360 Building Barbed Wire Entanglements-Reserve Officers in Training Camp, Ft. Sheridan, Ill. 3.00
(27) 17301 Love Bids Them Stay, But Duty Calls to the Man In Kakki. 3.00
(Cw) Ravine at Bladensburg, Md. famed for fatal duels near sceen of British Vistory, 1014 3.00
11555, I Won't Practice Another Minute. 4.00
18653--(94)--No Obstacle Stops the Soldiers of Democracy, Carrying a 65 Mountain Gun in Sections Over the mountain Passes 5.00
19138, Fighters Who Broke The Hindenburg Line Parading Down Fifth Avenue, New York 3.00
745, Agri Hall Main Avenue, International Exhibition, 1876 12.00
923, Centenial Grounds Looking East, International Exhibition, 1876 10.00
930, ??? Avenue and ???? ??? Gov't Bldg, International Exhibition, 1876 10.00
95, Bear in Park. 3.00
AK, 9203--Dr. Jones'Residence--Preparing Dinner, Sheep Camp, Alaska 12.00
AN Unknown but looks like a picture from the International Exhibition, 1876 8.00
AZ, 21637--O'Neills Point, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Arizona, U.S.A. 4.00
Birds Eye View from Observatory, George's Hill, F"t Park 12.00
Butterflies, ES 1-11, 35049, A Chrysalid and a Mature Butterfly 3.00
Butterflies, ES 1-9 V35048, The Larva of the Swallowtail 3.00
Butterfly-6, 35046, Ele. Sci. Unit (ES-1), Protection by Imitation 2.00
CA, 20604 Ostriches on Cawston Pioneer Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena, Cal. 3.00
CA, 5007--The Fallen Monarch, Mariposa Grove, Cal., U.S.A. 5.00
CA, 508, Mirror View of the Yosemite Falls From Black's Hotel 5.00
CA, 924, Bridal Veil Falls, Yo Semite, Cal. 4.00
CA, But End of Big Tree, Calaveras(sp?) County, Cali., 25 fet Diam. 4.00
CA, El capitan, height 3,300 feet, yo Semite Valley, Cal. 3.00
Carpet Mill, unknown Town and State 8.00
CO, 2367--The "Loop", Georgetown, Col. U.S.A. 4.00
D.C., 186--Garfield Monument and Capital, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 4.00
DC, The Presidents Mansion, The East Room 2.00
DC, The Presidents Mansion, The South Front 2.00
EC 101, 102-Eye Control, Depth of Fiels 5.00
EC 11, 12-The Human Body is Strengthened by Proper Exercise-The Eyes are no Exception. 5.00
EC-1,2,3,4- Eye Control-Depth of field 10.00
England, 214, Durham Cathedral, Durham 4.00
England, Albert Memorial 5.00
England, Matlock High Tor. Derbyshire NO. 48 4.00
England, Melbourne Derbyshire, Melbourne Church in background. 4.00
England, No. 438--The Alhambra, Leicester Square, London 3.00
England, The Albert Memorial, London 4.00
Finland, V18192 Helsingfors, the capital of Finland 3.00
FL, Blossom from the Date Tree, The first opening of the blossoms of the Date Palm. 4.00
France, Pormanaide Des Anglail 3.00
Germany, 57. Pfalz Caub und Ruine Gutenfels 3.00
Germany, 64 Oberwesel Panorama 5.00
Germany, No123, Panorama von Heidelberg, 1 4.00
Germany, Nro. 544 Loreleyklein 4.00
HI, 10152--On the Beautiful Mauna Loa Creek, Hawaii 7.00
HI, 10155--A typical Grass Hut, Hawaii 8.00
IL, 1249 Chicago, State Street and ?? 4.00
IN, 8016--Dining Room, Soldier's Home, Marion, Ind., U.S.A. 4.00
Ireland, Boyle Abbey, Co. Roscommon 4.00
Ireland, The Abbey of Cong, Co. Galway 4.00