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Thumbnail Item Name Price
CA, 1203, Between Ventura and Santa Barbara 2.00
CA, 1308, Capital Building, Sacramento, Calif. 2.00
CA, 23, Civic Center, San Francisco, Calif. 2.00
CA, 25, Looking down Market Street from Powell, San Francisco, Calif. 2.00
CA, 259, Municipal Audutorium, Oakland, Ca. 2.00
CA, 31, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco, Calif, East Bay Shore in Distance 2.00
CA, 33, Night View, San Francisco Bay Metropolitian Area 2.00
CA, 34, Looking Up California Street Toward Nob Hill, San Francisco Calif. 2.00
CA, 391, A Friendly Doe, with Half Dome in the Background, Yosemite National Park 2.00
CA, 404, "General Sherman", The World's Largest Tree, Sequoia National Park, Ca. 2.00
CA, 45, Night View, San Francisco Bay Metropolitian Area 2.00
CA, 47--Yosemite Valley, California 3.00
CA, 506-Santa Fe's "Super Chief" Traveling thru the Orange Groves, California 2.00
CA, 658, Sand Dunes in Death Valley, Calif. 2.00
CA, 664-Wild Flowers on the Desert, Calif. 2.00
CA, 817-Residence of Myrna Loy, near Beverly Hills 3.00
CA, 818, A World Premiere Night in Hollywood 2.00
CA, 820-Radio Center, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, Ca 2.00
CA, 821 Residence of Joan Crawford, Brentwood Calif. 3.00
CA, A Burl On A Redwood Tree In The Redwood Empire Calif. 2.00
CA, An Everyday Scene "Fruit and Vegetable Market" Los Angeles, Cal. 5.00
CA, Drake's Prayer Book Cross and Falls, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Calif.--14 2.00
CA, LA-70--Palm Lined Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, Ca. 2.00
CA, Lombard Street, Crookedist Street in the World, San Francisco, Calif.--12 2.00
CA, On the Big Oak Flat Road to Yosemite, State Highway 120, Second Garrote, CA 2.00
CA, Ostrich at CCawston's Ostrich Farm Near Pasadena, California 4.00
CA, Residence of Paul De Longpre, Hollywood, Cal. 6.00
CA, The Circular Bridge Mount Lowe, California 5.00
California"End of the Trail", Redwood Highway, California 3.00
California, 153 The Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, California 3.00
California, 5078:--View of McKinley Park, Sacramento, California 2.00
California, 60 inch Telescope Dome Mt. Wilson Observatory 5.00
California, 822 Cahuenga Pass, "Coast Highway", Entrance to Hollywood, California 3.00
California, C-45--Crowds Greeting Daily Arrival of Steamer at Avalon, Santa Catalina, California 4.00
California, Fort Ord, Monterey, California--M21 3.00
California, Fourteenth Street At Broadway, Oakland, California 3.00
California, House of Hospitality and War Memorial Building Balboa Park, San Diego, California--50 3.00
California, Mission San Juan Capistrano, 1776 "A Bit of Old Spain" Art Gallery 5.00
California, Mission San Miguel "Archangel", San Luis Obispo County, California 3.00
California, The Golden Gate and Bridge From Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Calif. 3.00
California, The Municipal Auditorium and Rainbow Pier, Long Beach, California 3.00