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Thumbnail Item Name Price
S-1898, Handcar 1880s, Coil, 3c 2.50
S-1898a, Stagecoach 1890's, 4c 2.50
S-1899, Motorcycle 1913, Coil, 5c 2.50
S-1900, Sleigh 1880, Coil, 5.2c 2.50
S-1901, Bicycle 1870s, Bulk Rate Coil, 5.9c 2.50
S-1901, Hansom Cab 1890s, Coil, 10.9c 2.50
S-1902, Baby Buggy 1880s, Coil, 7.4c 2.50
S-1905, Caboose 1890s, Coil, 11c 2.50
S1949, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Booklet, 20c 1.75
S-1951, LOVE, Valentine, 20c 2.00
S-1952, Honoring George Washington on the 250th Anniversary of his Birth, 20c 1.75
S-2003, @00th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with The Netherlands, 20c 1.75
S-2004, Honoring The Library Of Congress, 182nd Anniversary of the Founding, 20c 1.75
S-2005, Consumer Education, Wise shoppers stretch dollars, 20c 1.75
S-2010, Horatio Alger Author of Rags to RIches Stories, 20c 1.75
S-2011, Ageing Together 1.75
S-2012, The Barrymores, 20c 1.75
S-2013, Dr. Mary Walker Civil War Surgeon, 20c 1.75
S-2014, 50th Anniversary of the International Peace Garden, 20c 1.75
S-2015, America's Libraries, Legacies to Mankind, 20c 1.75
S-2016. Honoring Jackie Robinson, 20c 1.75
S-2017, Touro Synagogue, 1763, First Synagogue built in America, 20c 1.75
S-2018, Honoring Wolf Trap Farm, 20c 1.75
S-2023, Francis of Assisi, 20c 1.75
S-2024, Ponce de Leon, 20c 2.50
S-2026, Christmas 1982, 20c 1.75
S-2031, Science and Industry, A Celebration of the Mind, 20c 1.75
S-2036, Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between USA and Sweden 1783, 20c 1.75
S-2037, Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, 20c 1.75
S-2038, Joseph Priestley, Pioneer in Medern Chemistry, 1733-1804, 20c 1.75
S-2039, Volunteer....Lend a Hand, 20c 1.75
S-2040, 300th Anniversary Year of German Migration to America, 20c 1.75
S-2041, Commerating the 100th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, 20c 1.75
S-2042, 50th Anniversary Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, 20c 1.75
S-2043, Physical Fitness, 20c 1.75
S-2044, Scott Joplin, Ragtime Pianist, 1868-1917, 20c 1.75
S-2045, Metal of Honor, 20c 1.75
S-2046, Honoring Babe Ruth on the Occasion of the 50th anniversity of the 1st major league allstar game, 20c 1,75
S-2047, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864, 20c 1.75
S-2052, 200th Anniversary, Treaty of Paris, 1783-1983, 20c 1.75
S-2053, Commerating the 100th Anniversity of the Federal Civil Service 1883, 20c 1.75
S-2054, 100th Anniversary of the Metropolitan Opera, 20c 1.75
S-2063, Christmas (Raphael) 20c 1.75
S-2065, Honoring Martin Luther, 500th Anniversary of his Birth, 20c 1.75
S-2066, Alaska, 25th Anniversary of Statehood, 20c 2.00
S-2072, Love (embossed and hard to see), 20c 2.25
S-2073, Carter G, Wilson, Black Historican & Advocate of "Black Studies", 20c 1.75
S-2074, 50th Anniversary Year of Soil and Water Conservation Efforts, 20c 1.75
S-2075, 50th Anniversary of the Federal Credit Union Act, 20c 1.75
S-2080, 25th Anniversary of Hawaii Statehood, 20c 1.75