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TRADING CARDS > Bubbles Inc "You'll Die Laughing"


Thumbnail Item Name Price
1, "I just came back from the beauty parlor, can't you tell?" 4.00
10, "so you really think you've re-discovered the Jekyll and Hyde formula, eh, Twombley?: 4.00
13, "Our next speaker is an expert on plant life!" 4.00
19, "Let's tell SCARY stories" 4.00
21, "Gulp! I don't know if I have Blue Suede shoes in you size" 4.00
23, "Your whole family will enjoy this picture." 4.00
27, "What have you got in a red perfume that smells like blood?" 4.00
28. "And no hitting below the belt." 4.00
31, "I've got power steering, too." 4.00
34, "I said you could beat up his dad!" 3.00
35, "Watch the Birdie!" 4.00
38, "Lovely night, isn't it?" 3.00
4, "Boy when I get a headache it's a beaut!" 4.00
40, "Mr. Durstrum is in charge of Weird Stories." 3.00
43, "That Department Store-They're always sending me the wrong thing." 4.00
45, "Those Missionaries did a good job here." 3.00
48, ""Whddaya mean, it's bad luck to walk under a ladder?" 4.00
50, "Pay no attention to him, Dear." 4.00
52, "Can I borrow a cup of poison?" 4.00
55, "How are your silly 'Invisible man' experiments going, Henshaw?" 3.00
57, "Would you wrap it as a gift, please!!" 4.00
59, "You will meet a tall, dark man." 4.00
60, "It's going to rain, I can feel it in my bones." 4.00
63, "I can't understand why girls don't like me!!" 4.00